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mesures météo à longyearbyen / weather in longyearbyen

échelle de beaufort / beaufort scale

glaces / sea ice

carte de glace actuelle mer baltique (NOAA)

situation de glace en golfe de bothnie (FIMR)

carte de glace actuelle mer du gronland partie sud (NOAA)

carte de glace actuelle mer du groenland partie centrale (NOAA)

carte de glace actuelle spitzberg (NOAA)

carte de glace actuelle svalbard (

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IMRAM (1) - old Irish: “rowing about” or “voyaging”, plural imramha in early Irish literature, a story about an adventurous voyage. This type of story includes tales of Irish saints traveling to Iceland or Greenland... (Encyclopædia Britannica)

IMRAM (2) - Idéalement Magique pour des Rêveries en pagaille, Aventures assurées, par Milliers de milles

IMRAMA, Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis, more usually known as the Navigatio or Voyage of Brendan, had been written in Latin and described how Saint Brendan, living in the west of Ireland, had been visited by another Irish priest who described to him a beautiful land far in the West over the ocean where the word of God ruled supreme. Brendan built a boat specially for the voyage and set sail with seventeen monks to find this Promised Land. They had a long and hard journey, wandering from one island to another, and had many adventures, until they finally won through to their destination and managed to explore the fringe of the Promised Land...


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